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As more and more Americans fall into the trap of addiction, it is more important than ever that drug rehab centers are dedicated to comprehensive treatment options that help individuals overcome their dependence on controlled substances. Our locations throughout the country make it easy for individuals who want to get help to find a place they can turn to get the help they need. At our addiction recovery center in Warrenton, Missouri, skilled professionals treat every client with compassion as we work to expose individual triggers that contribute to this disease. Our addiction recovery program begins with supervised detox and continues with therapy sessions throughout the duration of the program. When a client has completed our program, our staff work closely with the individual to identify the best aftercare options located near that individual’s home. Our goal is to help every individual stay on the path to discover a new life of sobriety.


When an individual stops using a controlled substance on which they have become dependent, the individual often experiences unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. As the body detoxifies, many individuals struggle with the desire to use again, even if only to stop withdrawal symptoms. Our drug detox clinic in Warrenton, Missouri practices supervised detoxification because detoxing within a drug rehab facility is both safer and more effective than doing so alone. Trained staff members are available to provide support as clients experience the symptoms that occur during this period. Monitored detoxification also ensures a safer detoxification process because our staff are available around the clock to address any serious complications and call for assistance. The combination of elevated safety measures and increased support typically results in a higher success rate overall.


In order to ensure a successful recovery, clients must feel both safe and comfortable at an addiction treatment center. Staff are sensitive to client needs and receptive to developing a trusting and open relationship with each individual. Trust is especially important during individual therapy sessions, at which time clients work one on one with therapists to learn better coping mechanisms when the urge to use is triggered by stress and other factors. Individuals who are diagnosed with some form of co-occurring mental health disorder on top of an addiction diagnosis have what is known as a dual diagnosis. It is important to recognize dual diagnoses in clients struggling with addiction because often times, mental and behavioral issues are a root cause of addiction. It is essential to address mental illness in order to progress with addiction recovery.


Fostering an open and inclusive community is just as important during group therapy sessions. Clients at our substance abuse treatment facility in Warrenton, Missouri participate in regular group therapy sessions, at which time a trained specialist leads multiple clients through group discussions. Participating individuals must not only trust the counselor, but also their peers, who can offer support as well as constructive criticism during this time. All clients are encouraged to participate in a positive, honest manner in order to reinforce community as well as accountability.


Life inside our addiction recovery facility is structured and supportive, but the outside world is not always so. When clients near the end of the addiction recovery program, staff members assist individuals in finding aftercare options close to home. We believe moving from our facility into a sober living facility is one of the best ways for clients to transition, because this type of housing provides the support and routine with which are clients are familiar. Continued individual therapy is encouraged for all clients, as is seeking out a weekly or monthly support group for those in recovery.


When addiction becomes overwhelming, the most important step an individual can take is reaching out for help. Our addiction treatment facility in Warrenton, Missouri is here to help individuals achieve the goal of sobriety.